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動感歌曲推薦一:Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

動感快歌、快節奏音樂-Shake It Off 歌詞精選

I stay out too late Got nothing in my brain That's what people say That's what people say I go on too many dates But I can't make them stay At least that's what people say That's what people say

But I keep cruising Can't stop, won't stop moving It's like I got this music in my mind Saying it's gonna be alright

I never miss a beat I'm lightning on my feet And that's what they don't see That's what they don't see


動感快歌、快節奏音樂-不醉不會 歌詞精選

只要我以為 就不是誤會

誰都是寶貝 有什麼真偽

什麼是是非 都似是而非

醉眼看世界 世界隨我陶醉

迷茫茫的天地 沒那麼多對不對

錯不錯 只看心境怎麼描繪

我流我的汗水 華麗如天花亂墜

甜不甜美 誰能代我去品味

只要我以為 就不是誤會

誰都是寶貝 有什麼真偽

什麼是是非 都似是而非

醉眼看世界 世界隨我陶醉

看的很瑣碎 都沒有所謂

看不到命運 只看到紫薇

只看到絕色 看不到絕對

最好的滋味 就是耐人尋味

動感歌曲推薦三:Can't Stop The Feeling - Justin Timberlake

動感快歌、快節奏音樂-Can't Stop The Feeling 歌詞精選

I got this feeling inside my bones It goes electric, wavey when I turn it on And if you want it, inside your soul Just open up your heart, let music take control

I got that sunshine in my pocket Got that good soul in my feet I feel that hot blood in my body when it drops, ooh I can't take my eyes up off it, moving so phenomenally The room on lock the way we rock it, so don't stop

Under the lights when everything goes Nowhere to hide when I'm getting you close When we move, well, you already know So just imagine, just imagine, just imagine

動感歌曲推薦四:Dragon Night - SEKAI NO OWARI

動感快歌、快節奏音樂-Dragon Night 歌詞精選(含英文歌詞)

今宵は百万年に一度 太陽が沈んで夜が訪れる 日 終わりの来ないような戦いも 今宵は休戦して祝杯をあげる

人はそれぞれ「正義」があって 争い合うのは仕方ないのかも知れ ない だけど僕の嫌いな「彼」も 彼なりの理由があるとおもうんだ

ドラゴンナイト ドラゴンナイト ドラゴンナイト 今宵 僕たちは友達のように歌うだろう ムーンライト スターリースカイ ファイアーバード 今宵 僕たちは友達のように踊るんだ

Today is the day when the sun sets on our home

Finally the night will come out to say hello

Oh, the war that never ends still wages on today

But tonight the fight will stop and we'll celebrate (Hey)

Everybody has their own version of what's just

Maybe war is something that is natural for us

But even the people that fill me with hate

Have their reasons to live their life that way

Dragon night, dragon night, dragon night

Tonight all of us will sing together like we're best of friends

Moonlight, starry skies, fire birds

Tonight let's dance, everybody, until the sunrise

動感歌曲推薦五:Baila Conmigo - Selena Gomez, Rauw Alejandro

動感快歌、快節奏音樂-Baila Conmigo 歌詞精選

Bebé, no sé si habla' mucho español Si entiende' cuando digo "Mi amor" Comernos sin entenderno' e' mejor Solo tenemo' que gustarno'

Quieres que caiga en tentaciones Mira cómo me pone' Ese acento que tienes No entiendo mucho, pero vente

Baila, baila, baila conmigo Baila, baila, que yo te sigo Pégate, ven suéltate No te me vayas sin las gana' de volver Por eso baila, baila, baila conmigo Baila, baila, que yo te sigo Bésame, solo una vez Así tengo un motivo pa' volverte a ver

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